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Tea Bag Series - Beauty Tin Tea (BTT) | 茶包系列 - 精美铁罐茶
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Each Tea Bag with different flowers which made by nutritionist, it is good for your health and beauty.


Clearance sale : 50% off +  BUY 4 FREE 1 (available 100 sets only)

-buy 4 Beauty Tin Tea (BTT) and free 1 BTT (random flavour)



#1 White Peach Oolong Tea (10 tea bag)

Function: Whitening, Beauty Skin

- Ingredients: White Peach, Apple, Oolong Tea


#2 Peach Oolong Tea (10 tea bag)

Functions: Keep Fit, Reduce Inflammation

Ingredient: Peach, Apple, Oolong Tea


#3 Peach Green Tea (10 tea bag)

Function: Anti-Aging, Moisturise Skin, Lower Blood Sugar

Ingredient: Peach, Apple, Green Tea


#4 Strawberry Red Tea (10 tea bag)

Function: Anti-Aging, Moisturize Skin, Lower Blood Sugar

Ingredient: Strawberry, Rose, Red Tea


#5 Ginger & Red Date Brown Sugar Herbal Tea  (10 tea bag)

Functions: Reduce Period Pain, Beauty Skin, Nutritive Body

Ingredeints: Ginger, Red Date, Brown Sugar, Longan


#6 Jasmine Green Tea (10 tea bag)

Function: Anti-oxidnts, Weight Loss, Good for Oral Health

Ingredients: Jasmine, Green Tea


#7 Osmanthus Oolong Tea (10 tea bag)

Function: Anti-oxidant, Anti-aging

Ingredients: Osmanthus, Oolong Tea


#8 Rose Red Tea (10 tea bag)

Fuction: Better Sleep, Reduce Bloasting After Eating

Ingredients: Rose, Red Tea


#9 Rose Red Date Tea  (10 tea bag)

Functions: Anti-inflammmatory effects, Reduction in Period Related Cramping

Ingredients: Rose, Red Tea


#10 Red Bean Barley Tea  (12 tea bag)

Functions: Reducing Constipation, Remove Edema

Inngredients: Red Beans, Barley, Orange Skin, Gorgon


#11 Coconut Oolong Tea  (10 tea bags)

Functions: Improve Heart Health, Keep Fit


#12 Lily Chrysanthemum  (10 tea bags)

Functions: Improve Eyesign, Clearing Heat


#13 Mango Oolong Tea  (10 tea bags)

Functions: Anti-aging, Beauty Skin


Best before: 12 months (manufacture date printed on packaging) 

Storage: Store in coold sry place, avoid Sunlight


*For this super promotion, some of the tins may have very lightly detend, perfectionism pls do not place the order, or you may whatsapp customer service to check it out frist



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