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Tea Bag Series | Cute Jar Flower Tea | 可爱花茶
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Each Tea Bag with different flowers which made by nutritionist, it is good for your health and beauty.


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#1 Osmanthus Oolong Tea (10 tea bag)

Function: Anti-oxidant, Anti-aging

Ingredients: Osmanthus, Oolong Tea


#2 Jasmine MInt Tea (10 tea bag)

Function: Weight Loss, Good Oral Breath

- Ingredients: Jasmine, Mint, Osmanthus, Chrysanthemum, Lily Flower


#3 Peach Oolong Tea (10 tea bag)

Functions: Keep Fit, Reduce Inflammation

Ingredient: Peach, Apple, Oolong Tea


#4 Jasmine Green Tea (10 tea bag)

Function: Anti-Aging, Moisturise Skin, Lower Blood Sugar

Ingredient: Jasmine, Green Tea


#5 Chrysanthemum Cassiae (10 tea bag)

Function: Improce Digestive System, Cooling Down


#6 Rose Red Tea (10 tea bag)

Function: Anti- inflammatory effects, reduction in period-related cramping

Ingredients: Rose, Red Tea


#7 Grosvenor Flower Tea  (10 tea bag)

Functions: Nourishes Lungs, Resolving Cough

Ingredeints: Grosvenor, Chrysanthemum, Orange skin, Lonicera, Sterculia Lychnophora, Licorice


#8  Red Bean Barley Tea  (12 tea bag)

Functions: Reducing Constipation, Remove Edema

Inngredients: Red Beans, Barley, Orange Skin, Gorgon


#9 Ginger Red Date Brown Sugar Tea (10 tea bag)

Functions: Reducing Period Pain, Nourish Body

Inngredients: Ginger, Red Date, BROWN SUGAR, WOLFBERRY




Best before: 12 months (manufacture date printed on packaging) 

Storage: Store in coold sry place, avoid Sunlight





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